Climate-controlled Storage Answers Storage Problems

Uncategorized | posted on May 18, 2022

Too many clothes and shoes in your closet? A climate-controlled storage unit may be the very thing to clear the clutter and free some space.

Almost everyone has a closet full of clothes that don’t fit but are too nice to throw out. Besides, they may fit again one day, and you’ll have a whole new wardrobe. A climate-controlled storage unit is just the ticket. Place all your nice clothes and shoes in large plastic zipper bags for easy storage. When you want them, they’ll be close at hand and ready to go back in your closet.

In addition, furniture with cloth or leather upholstery will fare well in a climate-controlled unit. You may also want to store paperwork, photos, or files. Plastic bags or plastic tubs work great for these items.

While you can’t store everything in a non-climate-controlled unit because of heat and humidity, you can put just about anything in a climate-controlled unit.

If you have nice things to store that require care, consider a climate-controlled unit from U Save Storage. Units come in various sizes, so give us a call to discuss your needs.

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